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A Perfect Smile

Here is what a beautiful smile can do for you.

Fixing My Teeth

Learn how easy the process can be for you.

Our Patients

Meet our patients and hear their success stories.

What we do

New Patients Welcome

We run our office “on time” and offer early morning, evening, and Saturday  appointments for your convenience.

Dentistry for the whole family

We love children, adolescents, adults, and senior citizens and are available to treat emergencies.

State of the  Art Technology

We stay current with the most modern equiptment, materials, and procedures to give you the very best care.

Prevention, cleanings, and periodontics

Healthy gums that do not bleed are critical to living a long, healthy life.

Simple Restorative

Fix small problems before they become larger ones with easy, painless, state of the art techniques.

Complex Rehabilitations

Badly damaged or severely worn teeth can lead to many other, and sometimes more severe health issues. Fixing your teeth may be easier than you think.

Smile Makeovers

A beautiful smile can be obtained in as little as two visits and is the best way to “dress for success”.


Using clear, comfortable, removable aligners, invisalign gradually moves your teeth towards the smile you have always wanted.


Some cases are best treated with conventional orthodontic brackets. We offer comprehensive orthodontics for adults and adolescents as well as “short term “ six month ortho.


Depending on the case, we can place your implants or work with top surgeons for implant placement, then we can restore them once your implants are ready for restoration.

TMJ, Grinding, and Night Guards

A nice, well-fitted, custom night guard can relieve symptoms and prevent further damage to your teeth and the musculo-skeletal complex.

Sleep Dentistry (Snoring)

Stop snoring, get a good night sleep and improve your overall health.

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