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Invisalign is a great treatment option for people who want or need to have their teeth straightened, but do not want to be seen with traditional orthodontic “brackets”. Crooked teeth not only make you look older, they are unhealthy because they are harder to keep clean. As the roots get tangled together they are more susceptible to bone loss and periodontal disease. Using a series of clear aligners worn in two week increments, Invisalign allows you to recapture your smile. In this case, one of our patients who had braces as a kid, was unhappy with the way her teeth had relapsed. Using 23 aligners over approximately 50 weeks, here was our result. Let us show you what we can do for you

Porcelain Veneers

After putting her three kids through college, Eileen decided to do something for herself. And that was to get the great smile she always wanted. Eileen’s teeth were very dark with poor alignment and open spaces filled with discolored bondings. In four visits we were able to completely transform her smile to one that gives her the confidence to smile and wear any color lipstick she wants

Implant Bridge using Guided Surgery

Pat had no teeth on one side of her mouth and did not want to wear a removable partial denture. The upper molar area is tricky because of the sinus. Implants can now be placed more predictably using a computer generated surgical guide developed from a three dimensional cat scan of the area. In Pat’s case, we were able to use her scan to determine the exact size and location to place implants safely. Then, using this information, we fabricated a surgical guide shown. Small holes were punched through the tissue and three implants were placed in the exact location to the precise depth and at the same angulation we planned for in the computer mock up. Now Pat has permanent posterior teeth that look great and work like real teeth.

All Porcelain Crowns

Lynne did not like the way her old porcelain to metal crowns showed a black line near the gums when she smiled. When one of her teeth developed a problem and needed to be removed, rather than trying to blend in a new tooth with teeth she was unhappy with, she decided to replace crowns on her six front teeth. One side is a three unit bridge and on the other side are three single crowns. Can you spot the missing tooth? ( Hint: Its her right lateral incisor)

Six Month Orthodontics

Like so many other people, over time, Nancy's lower teeth became more and more crooked and crowded. Crooked teeth make you look older and are difficult to clean. This can lead to cavities and periodontal disease. Nancy decided to straighten her teeth with conventional braces. Brackets were placed only on her lower teeth and, in Nancy's case, we were able to achieve a very nice result in under six months.

Adult Orthodontics

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