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Here are two views of a patient with 6 veneers on her front and 4 all ceramic crowns on her premolars giving her a full, beautiful smile.

Smile Makeover

Here are two views of a patient with a "gummy smile" and four old porcelain-to-metal crowns that showed black lines at the gum line. His gums were raised for better proportion and the smile was expanded, with all ceramic restorations back to his premolars for a full, perfect smile.


This patients enamel was badly damaged so her teeth were repaired with beautiful, all ceramic restorations.


Diastema closure with clear aligners. No braces.


Crooked, crowded teeth are aligned with invisible trays.

Adult Orthodontics

Short term, 6 month orthodontics for adults. Lower crowding corrected in under 6 months.

Adolescent Orthodontics

Complex orthodontics for kids. Full braces. Case completed in 24 months.

Broken Tooth

Here is an example of a traumatic injury repaired with an all ceramic restoration in two visits.

Diastema with Wear

Repaired with beautiful all porcelain crowns following a diagnostic wax up.

Porcelain Bridge

This patient chose to replace missing back teeth in two visits with a solid zirconia bridge rather than with implants.

Implant Bridge

It is no longer necessary to wear a removable denture with hooks and clasps to replace missing back teeth.

White Fillings

New cavities, or older silver amalgams are repaired with white, "tooth colored", composite restorations.


Here is a quadrant of worn out fillings repaired with two composite fillings and three crowns.

Full Mouth

An aging, crooked, yellow dentition is transformed with all ceramic crowns and veneers.

Severe Cavities

Poor oral hygiene caused large cavities and inflamed gum. This was corrected with gum treatments and properly fitted all ceramic restorations.

Severe Occlusal Wear

One tooth was lost and the others damaged until this area was repaired with an all ceramic bridge.

Severe Occlusal Wear

The long term effects of natural enamel grinding against porcelain can be severe. This was corrected in two visits with hard, solid, zirconia crowns.

New Veneers

Notice how these restorations look like they are naturally growing out of the gums with out the traditional "black line".

Replace Old Veneers

Advances in porcelain technology allow us to create better looking, more life-like veneers than some of the older ones.

Peg Laterals

Gums reshaped and congenitally malformed teeth corrected to proper size and shape.

Two Front Teeth

Old bondings replaced with one crown and one veneer.

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